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Jun 22, 2022

Expressing and celebrating culture can take place in so many ways. It can be creative, meaningful, and fun. That's exactly what Mike Alfaro, does through his hit games, Millennial and Gen Z Lotería. In Episode 38, Mike shares how he came up with a modern twist on the game he grew up playing in Guatemala and how...

May 11, 2022

How do generations develop a shared set of behaviors, values, and perspectives? Dr. Corey Seemiller helps kick off Season 4 and explore generational cohort culture and peer personality. We also share more about our latest global study on Generation Z. 

Dec 23, 2021

Mentoring relationships provide invaluable relationships, both for the mentee and mentor. These relationships can provide insight and advice that can help with advancing a career, navigating life's challenges, and more. Nicole Rose Stillings, creator of the Queens of Creation mentoring program, joins to discuss the...

Nov 15, 2021

Generation Z has grown up seeing various models and practices of leadership, but they are now in professional, political, and organizational roles of leadership themselves. How does Generation Z view leadership? What is most effective in leading Generation Z? Caleb Gipple joins to discuss what he has found in...

Oct 19, 2021

How can companies and organizations catch the eye of Generation Z? Marketing to Gen Z consumers requires much more than a flashy campaign. Ava McDonald, CEO of Zfluence, joins the conversation to discuss what matters most in marketing to Generation Z.